With Crown OPTO X0 we introduce an improved solution for illuminating light boxes and thin box letters.

Designed for depths ranging from 30 to1 100 mm, these modules also reduce installation time and save on the quantity of modules.

Thanks to their improved light distribution pattern, fewer modules are needed per 1 m2 than in previous solutions.

Equipped with Philips Lumiled chips, they show extreme resistance to harsh working conditions (IP67) with a 7-year warranty with L70 for 90,000 hours.

Tensione di alimentazione – 12VDC
Consumo – 0,6 W; 0,5 W; 0,4 W
Profondità consigliata – Da 90 a 140 mm
Passo (Centro Modulo – Modulo) – 155 mm
Selezione cromatica – 3 SDCM
Temperatura di esercizio – -40 °C ~ +60 °C
Temperatura di stoccaggio – +5 °C ~ +35 °C
Condizioni di stoccaggio – Umidità relativa <60%
Durata – L70 90,000 h (bianco); L70 50,000 h (altri)
Certificazioni – CE e RoHS
Garanzia – 7 anni*

* The guarantee is only valid if the conditions indicated in the installation guide are observed during storage, assembly and maintenance.